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The Best Hymn For When You’re Sad

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

What are you supposed to do when you suffer? When you are hurting and in pain? What do you do when the troubles of this life overwhelm you? Well, one idea is to sing—and don't just sing any song, sing a song about the promises that God made to you. This hymn is a song to sing when you suffer. It's called "Why Should Cross and Trial Grieve Me?" by Paul Gerhardt.

1. Why should cross and trial grieve me? Christ is near With His cheer; Never will He leave me. Who can rob me of the heaven That God's Son For my own To my faith hath given?

2. Though a heavy cross I'm bearing And my heart Feels the smart, Shall I be despairing? God, my Helper, who doth send it, Well doth know All my woe And how best to end it.

3. God oft gives me days of gladness; Shall I grieve If He give Seasons, too, of sadness? God is good and tempers ever All my ill, And He will Wholly leave me never.

4. Hopeful, cheerful, and undaunted Everywhere They appear Who in Christ are planted. Death itself cannot appal them, They rejoice When the voice Of their Lord doth call them.

5. Death cannot destroy forever; From our fears, Cares, and tears It will us deliver. It will close life's mournful story, Make a way That we may Enter heavenly glory.

6. What is all this life possesses? But a hand Full of sand That the heart distresses. Noble gifts that pall me never Christ, our Lord, Will accord To His saints forever.

7. Lord, my Shepherd, take me to Thee. Thou art mine; I was Thine, Even e'er I knew Thee. I am Thine, for Thou hast bought me; Lost I stood, But Thy blood Free salvation brought me.

8. Thou art mine; I love and own Thee. Light of Joy, Ne'er shall I From my heart dethrone Thee. Savior, let me soon behold Thee Face to face, -May Thy grace Evermore enfold me!

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