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"Repetition is the mother of all learning"

\"Repetition is the mother of all learning." We learned the ABC's, numerical order, times tables, and even our own names by repetition! We also learn the Word of God by repetition (Psalm 1). We learn it to the point that we can say it by heart. This is the idea behind Zion's Hymn of the Month. Each month, we sing the new hymn at the end of every service for one month. Sometimes it's challenging to sing! But, we, as a congregation, work together to learn the great treasure of our Lutheran Hymnody! More important than the beautiful, timeless music, are the comforting, eternal words! If you cannot sing well, give it your best shot. The purpose of the hymn is to teach. So, at least, read the words and meditate on them. 


Here is a list of the hymns we have learned so far: 



  • August—LSB 754, "Entrust Your Days and Burdens" 
  • September—LSB 594, "God's Own Child, I Gladly Say It" 
  • October—LSB 546, "O Jesus So Sweet, O Jesus So Mild" 
  • November—517 & 518, "By All Saints in Warfare" 
  • December—LSB 889, "Before the Ending of the Day" 
  • December—LSB 334, "O Lord, How Shall I Meet You" 



  • January—LSB 402, "The Only Son from Heaven" 
  • February—LSB 573 & 423, "Lord, 'Tis Not that I did Choose Thee"
  • February—LSB 453 & 880, "Upon the Cross Extended" 
  • March—LSB 438, "A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth" 
  • April—LSB 458, "Christ Jesus Lay in Death's Strong Bands" 
  • May—LSB 756, "Why Should Cross and Trial Grieve Me" 
  • June—LSB 708, "Lord, Thee I Love with All My Heart" 
  • July—LSB 777, "Grant Peace, We Pray, in Mercy Lord" 
  • August—LSB 683, "Jesus, Thy Boundless Love to Me"
  • September—LSB 726, "Evening and Morning" 
  • October—LSB 592, "Dearest Jesus, We Are Here" 
  • Nocember—LSB 585, "Lord Jesus Christ, With Us Abide" 
  • December—LSB 335, "O Bride of Christ Rejoice" 


  • January—LSB 395, "O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright" 
  • February—LSB 760, "What God Ordains is Always Good" 
  • March—LSB 627, "Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Savior" 
  • April—LSB 464, "The Strife is O'er, the Battle Done" 
  • May—LSB 556, "Dear Christians, One and All, Rejoice" 
  • June—LSB 581, "These are the Holy Ten Commands"
  • July—LSB 865, "Lord, Help Us Ever to Retain" 
  • August—LSB 536, "One Thing's Needful"
  • September—LSB 434, "Lamb of God, Pure and Holy" 
  • October—LSB 647, "Lord Jesus Christ, the Church's Head"
  • November—LSB 676, "Behold a Host, Arrayed in White" 
  • Decemer—LSB 351, "Creator of the Stars of Night" 



  • January—LSB 372, "O Jesus Christ, Thy Manger Is" 
  • February—LSB 666, "O Little Flock, Fear Not the Foe" 
  • March—LSB 422, "On My Heart Imprint Your Image"
  • April—LSB 618, "I Come, O Savior, to Thy Table" 
  • May—LSB 724, "If God Himself Be For Me" 
  • June—LSB 498, "Come Holy Ghost, Creator Blest"
  • July—LSB 621, "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence"
  • August—LSB 909, "Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation"

Current Hymn of the Month:

August 2017—LSB 909, Christ is Made the Sure Foundation


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