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About us


Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church (LCMS) is a confessional, liturgical church called, gathered, and enlightened by the enduring truth of the Gospel to provide for and support the pure preaching of God’s Word and the right administration of the sacraments for forgiveness, life, and salvation to all who believe.


A Church Faithful to the Truth—“Your Word is Truth” [John 17:17]


Believe | Teach | Confess.


• Believe the Word—We value God’s Word that creates faith in us in the Divine Service [John 20:31].

• Teach the Family—We value the duty to teach God’s Word in our God-given vocations at home [Deuteronomy 11:18-19].

• Confess to All—We value confessing God's Word to all people [Matthew 10:32].

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